Why Healthcare Matters: How Business Leaders Can Drive Transformational Change

The Health Reform bill has been upheld and awaits implementation.  Despite the "victory" for advocates, many continue to feel that the bill will be insufficient in addressing continuously rising costs, chronic system inefficiencies, the increased incidence of lifestyle induced diseases and many other problems inherent in our nation's healthcare system.  This array of healthcare issues has hurt our economy, our productivity, our profits and our nation’s ability to remain competitively powerful in a global market.

Is the government-led plan a good way forward?  We don't believe so.  As the world's most successful free-market economy, the US is in a strong position to avoid the socialized medicine disasters of Europe and Canada, and leverage the power of Healthcare Consumerism to drive positive change.

Our nation’s business leaders can and should act in a responsible and proactive manner to help address some of the many healthcare challenges in this country.  Some of these actions have begun, but there is much do be done.  The focus of new and innovative initiatives in health and well-being improvement needs to shift from the supply side to the demand side. 

Individuals must take on greater personal responsibility for their own health and well-being.  Corporations, as employers, are best suited to drive the societal and cultural changes that can help reverse the negative trends and move toward positive transformation.

Why Healthcare Matters tells the story of our dysfunctional healthcare system and a population resistant to change.  It outlines strategies and actions that business leaders can use within their own organizations.  Some of this has already begun within several leading edge companies.  These early success need to be applied across all corporations. 

Only with real transformative change, instituted from the top, can our nation’s businesses hope to remain competitive over the next few decades. 

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